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Nylon Plays Wider Role in Auto, Electronics and Packaging Sectors

SpecialChem / Apr 26, 2006

Automotive, electronics and packaging applications are some of the fastest growing markets for engineering plastics. This growth is opening up new outlets for nylon plastics because of their high strength, high-temperature resistance, chemical resistance, as well as stiffness and abrasion resistance. Moreover, these properties can be extended with appropriate fillers and additives. The ability of nylons to stand up to extremes is encouraging adoption of these materials in several markets. In automobiles, for example, engines are running at hotter temperatures than ever, requiring plastics that are heat resistant, especially in the presence of harsh automotive fluids. In electronics, connectors have higher pin densities and thinner walls than ever before, which requires resins with good flow and dimensional stability, two of nylon's outstanding characteristics. Elsewhere in electronics, the increased use of lead-free soldering - and consequently higher soldering temperatures - demands resins with exceptional heat resistance.

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