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Packaging likes polymers I – Economic and Technical outline

SpecialChem / Feb 23, 2004

Worldwide, it is roughly estimated that the packaging market, the most important sector of plastic consumption is: * Roughly one third of the total plastics * Is continuously growing * Around 50 million tonnes. Packaging is the major market of plastics and thermoplastics. Motivations are diversified: * Technical: Plastics offer an exceptional balance of weight, performances, ease of processing, aesthetics, and cost. * Economical: Plastics are the economical response to mass production quite as much as low output specific packaging. * Aesthetics: Plastics allow much more design freedom than paper, cardboard, wood, glass, metals and other conventional materials. * Environmental: the reduction of weight, the high protective properties compared to paper and cardboard make plastics environment friendly.. A simple answer to a simple query: * More than 38% of the total plastic consumption for Europe, roughly 29% of the US thermoplastic consumption. * Around 50 million tonnes of total polymers

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