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Packaging likes polymers II – Films

SpecialChem / Mar 17, 2004

Packaging films are omnipresent in our daily life: wrapping of food, office supplies, clothing, bags and sacks… It is estimated that the film and sheet market, the most important sector of plastic packaging consumption, represents approximately 25% of total plastics, and is still growing. Motivations to use films are diversified: * Technical: Films have an exceptional performance/weight ratio and offer ease of processing, gas barrier properties, moisture proofing, sealability, light weight, aesthetics… * Economical: Films can be mass-produced at low cost, particularly for low output packaging and household applications. * Aesthetics: Films can enhance the aesthetic appeal of packaging, and offer a good range of printing options for the customer's information. * Environmental: the reduction of weight, the high protective properties compared to paper and cardboard make films environment friendly. These apparently simple things include very different products ranging from a common monolayer of polyethylene to a high-performance multilayer of specialty plastics or hybrids of plastic/metal.

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