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Photovoltaics: We are Not There Yet...But this is Worth Going Forward

SpecialChem / Thibaud Deleger – Jul 20, 2012

The Photovoltaics (PV) market has gone through several troubles in some countries in the past months. This fast growing but still fragile and burgeoning industry remains tight to government funds and subsidies.

The current debt crisis in the Euro zone, which is now spreading to the globe, is likely to disturb this growth. However some key records were achieved by the PV energy source last year. Its long-term growth is evidence and it is now the third electricity source in the renewable category in Europe after hydro and wind.

PV electricity source has some significant advantages over other sources, even over renewable sources. This is a flexible electricity source, which peaks its contribution in the grid in mid-hours. This kind of advantages is usually not highlighted in most of publications. But it is a fact: electricity is very expensive to store and transport. Therefore having an immediate source when demand fluctuates throughout the day is just critical.

The PV industry remains fragile in several ways. Maybe the most important issue today is its lack of competitiveness. PV is tight to political decisions and budgets. Without subsidies PV is more expensive than other electricity sources and therefore...

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