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Plastic Welding: The Right Start

SpecialChem / Mar 10, 2008

When somebody talks about welding, some people automatically think of steel. Plastic welding is, in a lot of industries, mostly unrecognized, but fabricators often need to join plastic parts together in one way or another. Not all plastic elements are suitable for adhesives. So what other methods besides mechanical fasteners are available? The most likely procedure to choose is plastic welding. Fabricators new to plastic welding often ask "Where do I start?" "What do I need to know to make a proper plastic weld?" Well, quite a few things have to be considered before a proper start can be made. The selection of the right welding equipment can be a real challenge. Knowing the application is necessary to finding the equipment that fits the needs. There is a suitable solution for all plastic welding requests, but some welding tools are not appropriate for certain kinds of plastic materials. In other words: If you know the material, the working area, the kind of assembly, your choice of plastic welder will be much easier.

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