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Plastics Recycling Technology Solutions - Right Here, Right Now!

SpecialChem / Donald Rosato – Nov 8, 2011

Plastics recycling technology wise the lead goes to and remains to the present with Europe, with the U.S. developing design for the environment, and Japan emphasizing part manufacturing for recycle efficiency. Toyota established the Toyota Recycle Vision, a long-term plan for recycling end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) aiming at a vehicle recovery target rate of 95% by 2015, with improved car dismantability. Designing products with consideration for their environmental impact is a central corporate value and strategy for Herman Miller, a global market leading, office furniture company. Systec Engineering of Germany has a 'Dry Cleaning' system that processes contaminated film for recycle without using water.

TiTech Visionsort AS (subsidiary of Norway's Tomra Systems) is the world's leading provider of technology solutions for the identification and recovery of high-value material fractions. Germany's RTT Systemtechnik's Unisort PX 800 TK is the first automatic sorting module that can identify plastic parts efficiently according to type and cause them to be precisely discharged by means of two compressed-air nozzle units. France's Pellenc's Mistral multi-material sorting technology operates at the rate of 25,000 measurements/second with only 15 cm (centimeters) needed from detection to ejection. Germany's Hamos Elektronik ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of electrostatic separation equipment, offering a complete range of products for the dry electrostatic separation of metal/non-metal and plastic/plastic-mixtures. Austria's Erema TVEplus series is targeted at recycling multilayer film, highly printed film, wet materials, and heavily contaminated plastics into pellets suitable for reuse in high quality films.

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