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Polyacetal Patents

SpecialChem / Oct 18, 2006

This report covers U.S. patents that issued during the period full year 2005 until 20 October 2006. Around 218 patents had the terms "polyacetal" or "polyoxymethylene" in their claims, and this number was reduced for this report to 32 that described either new compounds or compositions or processes for making or treating polycarbonates. Some end use applications of interest were also noted if they were general. One obvious caveat is that if for example somebody patented a polyacetal without using the these words in the claims, then this search would not have caught it. In U.S. 6,878,764,. BASF claims a thermoplastic molding composition comprising,from 5% by weight to 99.99% by weight of a polyoxymethylene homo- or copolymer, from 1 ppb to 1% by weight, of at least one polyethyleneimine homo- or copolymer, from 0.01 to 15% by weight of carbon black, and from 0 to 80% by weight of other additives, where the total pf percentages by weight of the components is always 100%. U.S. 7,001,959 is a process patent assigned to Ticona for production of a POM copolymer.

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