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Polyamide Patents; 1/2006 – 11/2006

SpecialChem / Dec 27, 2006

This report covers U.S. patents that issued during the period full year 2006 until 6 december 2006. Around 1300 patents had the terms "polyamide" in their claims. This report discusses new compositions or compounds, and of the 1300 original, 64 were chosen for review on the basis of the contents of their title or abstract. Some end use applications of interest were also noted if they were general. One obvious caveat is that if for example somebody patented a polyamide or application without using that word or the word "nylon" in the claims, then this search would not have caught it. In a remarkably fast prosecution (application filed 12/2005) Du Pont claims in U.S. 7,144,938 a blend of ionomer and polyamide. The composition comprises an ionomer, a polyamide, and one or more esters of montanic acid. The polyamide includes one or more of several commercially available materials. The method comprises steps of developing estimating equations that relate different properties of the resin and then carrying out the reaction according to the results of the estimations.

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