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Printed Electronics is Pivotal to the Future of Mobile Phones

SpecialChem / Nov 1, 2007

Printed electronics is a term that covers printed and potentially printed electronics and electrics. It is the basis of an emerging $300 billion business embracing transistors, memory, displays, solar cells, batteries, sensors, lasers and much more. This new electronics will appear as adhesive tape, wallpaper, billboards, labels, skin patches, smart packaging and books because it will be foldable, conformal, wide area, ultra low cost, edible, rollable, transparent and biodegradable as needed. Yes - there are transparent transistors, batteries, solar cells and more on the way and Kodak has recently patented edible RFID on medicine. And it will be pivotal to the future of mobile phones. Thanks to printed electronics, mobile phones will have large snap back keyboards, chargers and colour video displays and some of the displays will work well in sunlight. The rest of the world will copy the 40 million Japanese currently using phones to get onto transport and buy things in shops and at smart posters and one billion RFID enabled phones will eventually be sold every year.

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