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The material selection platform
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Processing Medical Grade Resins through Hot Runner Systems

SpecialChem / Nov 1, 2007

Medical grade resins require special attention when processing through a hot runner system. Reason for the special attention is, many product applications are in sensitive area of medicine delivery or surgical procedures where the plastic part needs to retain a high degree of properties in order to correctly perform. It is paramount that care and attention be paid to the processing of the resin as not to destroy the material properties during the process. It is equally important to understand the process limitations of the resin in order to select the proper hot runner system, to process the resin not only without degrading the resin but also fill and pack the part void of defects. There may be some instances where a full hot runner system may not be the best choice for a particular application. In this case a hot runner to a cold runner may be a viable option. There are a variety of medical grade resins on the market today, and here is a short list of resins: * Polypropylene * Polycarbonate * Polyester * Polyethylene * Polystyrene * Thermal Plastics Alsatians * Polyurethane

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