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How to Solve Fiber-reinforced Plastics Recycling Issues

SpecialChem / Mark DeMeuse – Sep 9, 2016

recycling of fiber reinforced plasticFiber-reinforced plastics or FRPs are lightweight, have high specific mechanical properties, are corrosion resistant, have long life cycles, and are easy to manufacture in different shapes.

This combination of properties has made FRP very attractive materials for use in the automotive industry and other transportation fields.

In comparison to others, thermoplastic-based fiber reinforced plastics are inherently recyclable.

However, FRPs are difficult to recycle due to their multiphasic nature. They can contain three or more components, including fiber reinforcement, resin matrix and fillers.

Read on to learn about the effects of recycling on thermoplastic-based fiber reinforced plastics and solutions for recycling issues.

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