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Reducing Cycle Times, Increasing Productivity using Innovative Mold Cooling Technologies

SpecialChem / Dec 3, 2007

There have been several innovative technologies introduce over the past few years, gas, assist, turbulent flow, pulse cooling, conformal cooling, heat pipe technology and the use of BeCu or copper alloys. All in an attempt to improve plastic molded parts cycle times, resulting in increased productivity and reduce manufacturing cost. All of these technologies have had incremental improvements. Heat pipe technologies seem to have greatest potential, but failed to give complete benefits in all situations. In 2006 at NPE in Chicago, I had the pleasure viewing a demonstration of a cooling technology developed in Australia, from a company called Ritemp. I was very impressed with the simplicity and how they had addressed all the deficiencies normally associated with heat pipe technology. Ritemp™ mold cooling technology's primary objective is to overcome one of the key problems with the molding process; namely variations in the surface temperature of the mold. Ritemp™ provides highly uniform mold temperatures regardless of part geometry with hot spots completely eliminated.

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