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Renewable/Sustainable Resourced Automotive Products Emerging

SpecialChem / Sep 9, 2008

Car manufacturers have been integrating parts made from biobased materials into current car and truck models for a variety of reasons, ranging from patriotic and environmental to business considerations. Biobased parts produced in the US that replace petroleum-based components both reduce that country's reliance on foreign oil and simultaneously supports American farmers. Growing global warming concern is stimulating interest in products that reduce CO2emissions. One pound of bioplastic creates 0.8-3.2 fewer pounds of CO2 than does one pound of petroleum-based plastic. Biodegradability/recyclability and the environmental impact of a vehicle's entire lifecycle are other reasons automakers are interested in these materials. A large variety of biobased car parts are being produced. These parts, made from coconut, corn, flax, hemp, jute, sisal, soybeans and other plant-based materials (and animal-based wool and leather) are being introduced around the world in entry-level economy cars as well as high-end luxury automobiles.

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