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Self-Reinforced Polyolefin: Material of the Future

Mark DeMeuse – Mar 2, 2017

SRP Reinforced Polyolefin MaterialSelf-reinforced plastics (SRPs) are a much talked about materials in plastics industry these days. Few key attributes noted for these SRPs include high strength, same level of recyclability and density as the base polymer etc.

But, the major challenge with existing SRPs is to find a balance between - processing temperature and polymer matrix softening temperature. The overlap in these two temperature regimes leads to a narrow range of acceptable processing temperatures to obtain good overall adherence between the polymer matrix and the reinforcement.

To overcome this challenge, a Japanese company has developed a unique SRP material having a wide temperature range, short processing cycles and many more outstanding properties.

Read on to know more about composition, properties and applications of this new SRP material…

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