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Smart E&E Plastics Solutions for Demanding Applications!

Donald Rosato – May 11, 2018

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Smart Electrical and Electronics Plastics SolutionsElectrical and electronic (E&E) end-users are among the most challenging in terms of application performance. It requires continual innovation by global plastics suppliers in enhanced:

  • Flame retardance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Flowability, and
  • Other capabilities

Check out some of the latest ‘smart’ advances from plastics makers to meet above requirements in E&E market...

Lanxess' Glass Reinforced HFFR Nylon 6 for PCB Connectors

Lanxess has recently taken the lead in commercializing many reinforced nylon grades in E&E related applications. They cover a range of nylon material grades namely:
A key new feature that Lanxess has developed is a Halogen-free Flame Retarded (HFFR) Nylon 6 grade that has a 50% plus glass fiber loading, is UL (Underwriters Lab) rated V-0 rated at the 0.75-millimeter thickness, and additionally UL rated 5VA. Furthermore, Lanxess’ HFFR Nylon 6 can meet short-term Glow Wire Ignition Temperatures (GWIT) of 775°C, useful for mechanically toughened household and consumer appliance electrical connectors and housings.

It also qualifies on the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) regulation IEC 60335-1 for household appliance E&E use. Additionally, it has a good Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) of 575 volts, or an equivalent UL Yellow Card (Performance Level Category) PLC 0 low electrical arcing rating.

Lanxess Glass Reinforced HFFR Nylon 6 PCB Connectors
Lanxess 50% Glass Reinforced HFFR Nylon 6 PCB Connectors

Polyplastics' Laser Welded PBT Materials

Japanese supplier Polyplasticsis on the forefront of laser welding PolyButylene Terephthalate (PBT) materials in their broad Duranex family range for general and automotive E&E housing component applications, such as:

  • In-home security systems, and
  • Auto under-the-hood sensors

Polyplastics’ Duranex PBT 730LW (Laser Weldable) is a state-of-the-art grade, with an optimized rubber content, that can laser weld plastic pieces as thin as 2 millimeters.

Polyplastics Glass Reinforced PBT Laser Welded Sensor Housing
Polyplastics 30% Glass Reinforced PBT Laser Welded Sensor Housing

SABIC's Commercialized PolyCarbonate (PC) Grades for Bezel Applications

Amorphous polycarbonate engineering plastics are playing a key role in the development of automotive Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in mechanically tough, improved aesthetic, complex designed automotive headlight bezels. For example, upper-end vehicle headlamps weigh in at 5 kilograms plus and have 175 plus part components. The purpose of these bezels from a design perspective is to create enhanced aesthetic features to attract increased consumer appeal.

SABIC has commercialized several new PolyCarbonate (PC) grades for bezel applications, namely:

Lexan™ HF4010SR has very low 0.5° to 1.0° draft angles that allow for the more optical surface area, minimizes mold sticking, and 130°C operating temperature resistance.

SABIC’s Lexan™ XHT1171, XHT2171, and XHT3171 have heat deflection temperature resistance up to 183°C with the good high flow to minimize sticking in the mold. These type PCs weigh in at 35% less compared to competitive PBT bezels. Manufactured part cost reductions of 35-40% lead to less complex molding tools being needed, which in turn allows for parts consolidation and ultimately faster cycle times.

SABIC PC Complex LED Headlamp Bezel Designs
SABIC PC Complex LED Headlamp Bezel Designs

DSM's Reflow Solderable ForTii PPA for PCB Connector

There is a trend towards space reducing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in E&E applications in general, and more specifically in automotive E&E. DSM has developed reflow solderable PolyPhthalAmides (PPAs) with their ForTii and ForTii Ace grades based on their PA4T technology.

The ForTii Ace grade has a higher PA4T resin level for improved mechanical toughness. These material systems have:

  • UL HB to V-0 flame retardance
  • 300°C heat deflection temperature for ease of connector pin retention/minimization of lead frame material blisters
  • Increased mechanical toughness for high weld line strengths preventing metal lead frame cracking, and
  • High comparative tracking index (CTI)/dielectric strength for reduced electronic pin pitch size

PPA CTI’s at 600 volts are superior to competitive high-temperature Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) at 175 volts, leading to longer connector product shelf lives for at least one year without packaging.
DSM Reflow Solderable Capable ForTii PPA PCB Connector 
DSM Reflow Solderable Capable
ForTii PPA PCB Connector

Victrex's HT PAEK-based Multi-Pin Oil and Gas Electrical Connector

E&E product development extends into the oil and gas connector field. An underwater electronics company, Rampart Products is using Victrex HT PolyArylEtherKetone (PAEK) from Victrex Ltd. in oil and gas drilling electrical connectors to transmit electric power and data to and from offshore operations.

High underwater pressures of 1300 bars and 200°C continuous temperature use is required to maintain expensive electronic devices and sensors. Victrex HT PAEK’s double impact resistance is superior to traditional thermoset rigid glass fiber reinforced epoxies in terms of reduced chipping and cracking, thus minimizing costly field part replacement.

Victrex HT PAEK Multi-Pin Oil and Gas Electrical Connector
DSM Reflow Solderable Capable ForTii PPA PCB Connector

Smart E&E Plastics Professionals: Stay Alert!

Stay updated on latest advances in advanced E&E plastics technology to identify where the true potential and new opportunities exist for you and make better R&D decisions. Join the course: Plastics for Smart Electrical & Electronics: 2018 Trends & Opportunities on Jun 7, 2018.

Plastics for Smart Electrical & Electronics Applications

Commercially Available Thermoplastic Grades for E&E Applications!

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