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Solutions to High Temperature Polymer Processing Challenges

Mark DeMeuse – Jun 22, 2016

Processing challengesDespite the high prices compared to other engineering polymers, high temperature polymers still stand as one of the fastest growing segments of the plastics industry.

These polymers are employed in mass production markets to offer an increasing balance of thermal, mechanical, electrical and other properties for emerging high performance applications.

Due to the high temperature performance that is required from these materials, they present certain processing challenges such as chemical degradation as well as crosslinking reactions... This article will discuss some of the solutions to address these concerns. Also, unmet challenges during their processing have been highlighted and areas that require additional work have been discussed.

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1 Comments on "Solutions to High Temperature Polymer Processing Challenges"
Babar Ahmed K Jul 12, 2016
You need a 24/7 Plastic Troubleshooter Team to deal with such Challenges ... the most Injection Presses are become difficult to handle when the Melt flow does not cover all the prescribed area of the Mold during Mold close . Use spray gun ,if the temperature factor persists or you will loose the product and mold may be damaged if you increase the Temperature factor ... Check the Mold Quality before to fix the Mold for production .

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