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Some Unusual Applications of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

SpecialChem / Apr 23, 2008

As the range of materials available for use with SLS and their properties are further developed, more applications are emerging, some of which are quite unusual. Hydroxyapatite is a ceramic with which natural bone inherently bonds, has been incorporated into a polymer matrix to enhance the bioactivity of implant materials. In order to manufacture custom-made bioactive implants rapidly, selective laser sintering has been investigated to fabricate hydroxyapatite and polyamide composites and their properties investigated. One objective of this research was to identify the maximum hydroxyapatite content that could be incorporated into the matrix, which was sintered at various parameters. The study focused on investigating the control of porosity and pore size of the matrix by manipulating the selective laser sintering parameters of the laser power and laser scan speed. The interception method was used to analyse the internal porous morphology of the matrices which were cross-sectioned through the vertical plane.

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