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Specialty Transparent Styrene Acrylic Medical Plastics

SpecialChem / Apr 13, 2007

Cyro Industries (subsidiary of Degussa Corporation) Vu-Stat Y-20 compound was developed for medical device applications that are sensitive to static discharge. The Vu-Stat compounds provide permanent ESD protection even after many cleaning wash cycles. Static charge can create difficulty or reduce efficiency in the delivery of dry aerosol pharmaceuticals in drug delivery devices. Cyro developed an electrostatic dissipative (ESD) material that would maintain transparent and ESD properties under a variety of humidity conditions and after repeated washing. This material can be used in applications such as inhalation therapy devices, which can be washed repeatedly while maintaining ESD properties, and also allows the user to see that the device is clean and any dose counting mechanism within the treatment device used to monitor dose/treatment activity is visible. The materials therefore chosen to produce the ESD product was an acrylic-based material composed of a terpolymer of ethyl acrylate, methylmethacrylate, and styrene, with a styrene butadiene rubber modifier.

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