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'Super-TPVs' Extend Elastomer Performance Into New Regimes

SpecialChem / Mar 7, 2006

New classes of high-performance thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) are emerging on the commercial scene. Like other thermoplastic elastomers, these "super-TPVs" combine the properties of thermoset rubber with the ease and low cost of conventional thermoplastics processing. But compared to other thermoplastic elastomers, including conventional TPVs, the super-TPVs offer enhanced resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, oils and greases; some grades also possess novel tactile properties. Several factors are driving the growth of super-TPVs. Automotive seals and gaskets must now last longer as warranty periods are gradually extended. And manufacturers of consumer electronics are trying to differentiate their devices, such as mobile phones, by imparting unique soft-touch properties to their surfaces - properties available from some specialized grades of super-TPVs.Another super-TPV group features polyacrylate polymers blended with polyamides or COPE. One class of super-TPV products combines polypropylene with a styrenic rubber, instead of the EPDM rubber used in ordinary TPVs.

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