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The Indian Medical and Pharma Packaging Segment: From Low Cost to Higher Performances

SpecialChem / Thibaud Deleger – Apr 16, 2012

The pharmaceutical and medical industries are some of the fastest growing industries in India today. Said to be the third largest market in volumes (and tenth in value) the Indian Pharmaceutical industry is now valued above US$ 21 billion, and it is expected to reach US$ 50 billion in 20201.The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is born on the lower cost offer vs. existing products and medicines. It significantly started in the 80’s with generics manufacturing. India also proved to be an expert in reverse engineering to cut down costs of drugs. Indian pharmaceutical companies now develop more than ever their own formulations and drugs, which means higher margin products.

There are many applications in the pharmaceutical and medical packaging sector. Most popular ones are bottles, vials, containers, blisters for pills and tablets, disposable syringes and pouches. In all cases the pharmaceutical and medical packaging solutions answer to tough requirements.

The Indian packaging industry applies the lowest cost solutions to the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. In the Indian Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging sectors very few projects are on going where a new and more expensive polymer material is evaluated.

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