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The Net Result of Color Matching

SpecialChem / Oct 5, 2005

Matching, feasibility, formulation: all you need to know about colour- on a global scale. Clive Maier tries out a new internet-based system for giving you the right colour, at the right price, for the right application. Not another website! That is the rallying cry of www.matchmycolor.com. It is much more than that and that is its point www.matchmycolor.com is a colour management service put on-line and using the web to integrate all the specifiers, suppliers and manufacturers involved in colour matters. And colour does matter. For branding, product differentiation, shelf appeal, fashion and style - colour is crucial. Selecting the right colour to make the product say what you want to say is hard enough but that is only the start. The colour has to work with plastics, metals, paper, card, film, internet and TV. It has to work with the processes that serve those different disciplines. And colour has to work worldwide. Many brands and products are global now. Near enough is no longer good enough where colour is concemed. That is the case for a colour management service.

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