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Vertically Integrated Urethane Soy Systems' Product Strategy

SpecialChem / Dec 13, 2006

Urethane Soy Systems Company (USSC) researches and markets Soyol, a biobased polyol derived from soybeans used to produce polyurethane products. Soyol, the patented soy polyol developed by the company, is used in the manufacture of a growing variety of polyurethane plastics. South Dakota Soybean Processors (SDSP), a limited liability company originally established as a 2,100 member coop is now majority owner of the company and has a supply agreement with USSC. Together with SDSP, USSC has the capability to produce and supply over 300 million pounds of bio-based polyols yearly at SDSP's processing plant in Volga, South Dakota. USSC has been developing soy based polyols since 1998. Soyols can be used in adhesives, coatings, elastomers, flexible foams, and rigid foams. Two soy-based product families are available. USSC's family of 2 functional polyols is anchored by its standard, R2-052, a two functional, 52 hydroxyl biobased polyol, and its family of 3 functional polyols is anchored by its standard, R3-170, a three functional, 170 hydroxyl biobased polyol.

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