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Why do PVC and CPVC pipes fail?

SpecialChem / Dr. Duane Priddy – Nov 1, 2007

PVCBoth PVC and CPVC pipes are utilized extensively in plumbing systems due to their relative low cost and ease of installation. CPVC is preferred over PVC in some applications where improved fire and heat resistance are required. But, it is often seen that both the pipes do not perform up to the mark in even normal conditions.

A forensic analysis investigation was carried out on both the pipes in order to understand the real cause of their failure. Potential reasons accounting the most common failure in PVC and CPVC pipes were found to be:

>>  Improper Handling
>>  Improper installation
>>  Use of incompatible paints
>>  And a lot more…

Read on to learn about the factors responsible for the defects and potential causes behind PVC and CPVC pipes failure.

1 Comments on "Why do PVC and CPVC pipes fail?"
William F Nov 30, 2015
My most common experience with PVC pipe failures occurs in bathroom installations when sink or other appliance water connection does not quite alien with the end of the PVC pipe that brings the water. To make the two ends meet plumbers soften the pipe with a blowtorch and force them into place. Failure usually occurs in less than six months after the installation is done.

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