The Universal Selection Source: Plastics & Elastomers

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Hot melt TPUs are being increasingly used in apparel, textiles, and other garments due to their soft, natural touch, water resistance and superior bonding strength. Lubrizol’s new Pearlbond™ TPU is...

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Biorene® is a range of bio-based resins made up of 40% maximum thermoplastic starch and polystyrene (PS) or polypropylene (PP). This material allows you to replace GPPS, HIPS, PP but also PLA and...

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KETOPRIX™ aliphatic polyketones are a new class of revolutionary engineering thermoplastics that have a perfectly alternating backbone structure of carbon monoxide and alpha-olefins such as...


High Temperature Plastics: How to Well Control Melt Temperature

Well measure & adjust the melt temperature of your high temperature plastics (PA, PPA, PPS...)


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