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A thin transparent coating reduces fingerprint and stain issues

Tech Paper | Supplied by Daikin

An average smartphone user touches his device more than 2,000 time a day. It is not an understatement to say that producers are struggling to offer screens surface that remains clean, safe and resistant to frequent solicitations. More generally, designers of automotive, consumer goods, appliances and any wearable objects are impacted by novel consumption habits. The rise of car sharing and public touch screens implies higher stain and buildup resistance standards. Electrical vehicles and home automations integrate more sensors needing to maintain their optimal properties. Recent web applications that promotes more finger swipe require improved glide properties. Not to mention the demanding safety standards requiring better visibility for car drivers or plant operators wearing masks.

Whether the application requires a cleaner surface, improved safety, increased slip, or reduced maintenance, a coating that is both hydrophobic and oleophobic is very valuable.

Download the technical paper to learn more about Daikin transparent coating.

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