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Nov 6, 2017 | Article

Top 5 Innovations for Colored Plastics Applications

By Donald Rosato

Recent developments in functional pigments are redefining the role they play in plastics well beyond that of appearance, such as: Process efficiency, waste reduction, sustainability & regulatory...

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Oct 25, 2017 | Article

Comprehensive List of Transparent Polymers

By SpecialChem

From baby bottles to optical lenses to television or mobile phones… the applications list is never ending for transparent plastics. Today, we are surrounded by several clear or transparent plastic...

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Oct 5, 2017 | Article

High Heat Plastic Materials Turning Up the Heat!

By Donald Rosato

High heat plastics have been among the fastest growing plastics products entering new & challenging applications, like: Military / aerospace, automotive, electronics... Although, it is still...

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Sep 27, 2017 | Article

Emerging Top 10 3D Printing Resins to Watch!

By Donald Rosato

3D printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM) is growing rapidly in a finished manufactured plastics part sense and so are its equipment suppliers, having expanded from nearly 50 to 100 over the last...

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Case Study

We all know that traffic is a problem in cities, pollution issues should be resolved as soon as possible and safety could be improved. These drawbacks have been existed for too much time now and...

Tech Video

Seeking a material with excellent chemical resistance? Eastman Trēva™ engineering bioplastic stands up better than competitive materials to some of the harshest chemicals we come in contact with...

Oct 17, 2017 | Article

Emerging Global Plastics Food Contact Packaging Legislation

By Donald Rosato

Food contact packaging is complicated and continually changing. It is important to keep updated on data, information, and analysis relevant to global plastics food packaging legislation. Not all...

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Eastman TRĒVA™ is a new cellulose-based engineering bioplastic that offers both high performance and reduced environment impact. It creates products that are functional and sustainable...

Case Study

A leading international company in consumer and household products production was looking for a new material for their transparent food containers.   To stay competitive in the industry, the company...

Tech Paper

Willing to improve the performance and to maximize the durability of your polyurethanes? Meet the requirements of today’s market with UBE ETERNACOLL® polycarbonate diols and ETERNATHANE®...
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