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Jan 13, 2016 | Article

Filled Plastics: Key Processing Challenges & Industry Solutions

By Mark DeMeuse

To fulfill more and more demanding application requirements, filled plastics producers are under constant pressure to raise the level of mechanical performance such as the modulus and heat...

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Polyketone Gear Applications: Physical & Tribological Properties...


Ketoprix™ aliphatic polyketones are novel, engineering thermoplastic resins that provide superior toughness, strength, resilience and chemical resistance...


KETOPRIX™ aliphatic polyketones are a new class of revolutionary engineering thermoplastics that are changing people’s perceptions about the future in plastics and composite materials...

Oct 30, 2015 | Article

Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Driving the Future of Automotive

By Alan Dubin

The major energy sources used for internal combustion engines, since their inception in the late 19th century, have been gasoline and diesel fuel, with occasional use of electricity depending on the...

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KETOPRIX™ aliphatic polyketones are a new class of revolutionary engineering thermoplastics that have a perfectly alternating backbone structure of carbon monoxide and alpha-olefins such as...


PK tensile bar samples exposed at various temperatures for 4 months to hydrocarbon liquid...


KETOPRIX™ POLYKETONES have a perfectly alternating structure made of carbon monoxide and alpha-olefins such as ethylene and propylene. KETOPRIX™ POLYKETONES offer a unique balance of processing and...


Esprix Technologies is a global market leader in the application and development of Organic and inorganic materials. We provide timely, innovative and effective solutions with our diverse...


CET® is a range of transparent styrene-acrylic copolymers. These material exhibit an excellent cost / aesthetic quality / mechanical performance balance and can easily replace MABS, PMMA and many...
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Rigid PVC Molding Defects: How to Solve Splay, Blush, and Peel

Troubleshoot faster these look-alike molding defects with a logical solving approach. You'll save time and you'll have results!


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