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Fire Test: How to Succeed When Going Into New Applications

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Even if your plastic meets your current application requirements, you may fail passing tests for another application. 

Should you give up? No!... Instead, learn how to deduct the flame retardants that you need based on the thermal stress & fire parameters which are important in automotive, building & construction, wires & cables, electronics, mass transport...

Author : Franck Poutch

Franck Poutch - CREPIM - Fire & Flame Retardants

Franck Poutch is one of the French leading experts on flame-retardancy issues.


He currently manages the Research Center for the study on fireproofing Processes of Materials  (CREPIM) in France.


His core activity focuses on the fire retardancy of polymers, mainly thermoplastic and cellulose-based material in relation with various application areas such as mass transport, building, E&E...


Franck combines both knowledge on fire regulation requirements and knowledge on more fundamental aspects of fire retardancy, based mainly on intumescence and polymer melt rheology.

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