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The material selection platform
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Injection Molding / Extrusion: How to Avoid Plastic Quality Crashes

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Stopping an injection molding or extrusion production line because of plastic quality issues is very costly and can require days to get solved

In this video tutorial, learn why and how you should check your incoming polymer resins (beyond product datasheets) in order to avoid such disruptions. 

Author : Larry Chapoy

Dr. Larry Chapoy has worked for many years studying the characterization of polymers from both a scientific as well as an industrial perspective. 

He did this while a professor at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby where he did research in the field as well as teaching a specialized upper level course in the subject.

He was involved from the vantage of a resin producer: Montedison where he worked on Fluoropolymers, Polypropylene and  Liquid Crystalline Polymers.

He was also involved in the resin consumer phase with Wesley Jessen  for the production of Contact Lenses using Polypropylene for lens molds and secondary packaging trays, as well as British Vita - Sheet Extrusion , where he was in charge of finding secondary suppliers and simplifying the proliferation of recipes for commodity resins: ABS, PP, PE, etc.

As such he is familiar with the topic from every vantage.

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