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Rigid PVC Molding Defects: How to Solve Splay, Blush, and Peel

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Who Should Watch this Video Tutorial:

This video tutorial suited for rigid PVC molders who only rely on past experience to solve routine molding issues.

How You Will Benefit:

Splay, blush & peel are very common rigid PVC molding defects. They look alike and each can have multiple specific causes… which mean as many potential solutions! Learn a systematic method and:

  • Start well with a reliable defects identification: Splay vs. Blush vs. Peel
  • Keep troubleshooting efforts minimal: pursue first high probability solutions

So, stop guessing what the solution might be... and lower your scrap rate!

Author : Paul Mastro

Paul Mastro

Paul Mastro is a plastics engineer with over 30 years of experience in the formulation, injection molding and extrusion of rigid vinyls.

He is a consultant with Paul Mastro LLC and teaches college courses in Plastics Design and Processing. He was Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering with Georg Fischer Sloan, and Plastics and Coatings Engineering Manager in the Applied Engineering Group of Xerox Corporation. Additionally he has held management and engineering positions with Celanese Piping Systems, LCP Plastics and Chemicals and NIBCO. 

He holds a number of patents on processes and product design and has presented several papers on rigid vinyl processing and formulation at SPE RETECs and ANTEC. 

He is a senior member of the Society of Plastics Engineers, a member of ASTM and is the Thermoplastic Industrial Piping Committee Chairman of the Plastics Pipe and Fitting Association. 

Mr. Mastro consults to organizations on plastics materials and processes and manufacturing productivity. He also offers customized training packages.

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