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Achieve strength and durability with natural fiber reinforced polymers

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Brand owners and OEMs want to manufacture with sustainable materials, but without compromising mechanical performance and durability. Developments in natural fiber reinforced (NFR) thermoplastics now enable the design of durable, strong and sustainable parts, and in an array of attractive colors.

Compared to other natural fiber reinforced solutions, independent testing has shown these materials offer very significant property improvements in tensile and flexural properties and in impact strength. They offer performance comparable to short glass fiber reinforced alternatives, at a lower density.

Presented By:
David Sanchez

Length: 40 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Your company seeks sustainable materials that don’t compromise on performance?

Attend this webinar to learn how recent developments in NFR thermoplastics support the often-divergent goals of sustainability and strength.

Our presenter will detail the materials’ properties, processing guidelines, and highlight potential applications.

Who should view this webinar?

  • Designers & engineers of parts requiring strength, lightweight and durability
  • Brand owners and manufacturers seeking sustainable solutions that deliver on mechanical properties
  • Plastics processors who want to support their customers’ goals for corporate social responsibility

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David Sanchez Product Manager - PolyOne Corporation

David Sánchez is a Product Manager at PolyOne. He studied chemistry at Zaragoza University, and then pursued a master’s degree in polymer science through programs at four European Universities (Zaragoza, Pau, Douai, Belfast). Subsequently he joined PolyOne as a Technical Engineer.
Two years later David was offered a role in PolyOne’s commercial team as an Account Manager, and then as Business Development Manager for Spain and Portugal.
In 2012 he transitioned to the Company’s marketing team as Product Manager for the Specialty Engineered Materials Europe business, the role he holds today.


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