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Plastic compounds enhancing quality of LED lighting applications

This is a Past Webinar

In the lighting industry, engineering plastics do play an important role in the economically efficient manufacturing of lighting components. With the swift LED penetration, the material requirements for achieving quality illumination have changed significantly compared to the use of traditional lighting technologies.

ALBIS PLASTICS has more than ten years of experience in the development and production of custom-tailored solutions for LED lighting applications. ALCOM® LD (Light Diffusion) for example, is a light scattering compound for homogeneous, almost loss free illumination. ALCOM® LB (Light Blocking), a highly reflective thermoplastic material, does ensure high light blocking properties, while simultaneously providing a high degree of reflection to increase the luminous efficiency.

During this webinar recording you will learn about the opportunities these plastic compounds do offer to achieve high quality lighting.

Joachim Bernhard Presented By:
Joachim Bernhard

Length: 30 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Through this Webinar you will learn about the use of plastic compounds for LED illuminated applications and how they can be modified in order to meet the increasing needs for high quality LED illumination.

Learn, how light scattering materials will help you to achieve homogeneous light diffusion combined with excellent light transmission and provide sharp contours of illuminated symbols from any viewing angle.

Highly reflective compounds will enable you to separate different light sources in confined space, while helping you to improve your energy performance level and improve luminous efficiency of your system.

Who should view this webinar?

People in R&D, new product development, design and optical engineers as well as purchasing, who are involved in the material selection / specification process for LED illuminated applications in the following industries:

  • General Lighting
  • Appliances
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive
  • Or any other industry dealing with LED lighting

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Joachim Bernhard Global Director Marketing Electrical & Electronics - Albis Plastic GmbH

Joachim Bernhard Joachim Bernhard is Global Director Marketing Electrical & Electronics at Albis Plastic GmbH, Hamburg, since June 2013. Previously, he held various positions at Nexeo Solutions (formerly Ashland Distribution) and GE Plastics (now SABIC Innovative Plastics) as Commercial Manager, Application Development and Technical Service Manager, Sourcing and Business Development.

Joachim has graduated in Plastics Engineering at Rosenheim University of Applied Science. He has 25 years of experience in the plastic polymer market.


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