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Polybutene-1 (PB-1): An innovative and versatile plastic material for piping systems

This is a Past Webinar

Polybutene-1 (PB-1) is a technically advanced and versatile thermoplastic that is used worldwide in applications including piping systems for large-scale building projects, district energy networks, heating and cooling as well as plumbing installations.

However, new PB-1 grades, applications and techniques are constantly being developed. These materials redefine performance in widely differing segments because when compared to other polyolefins, PB-1 has a higher level of resistance to strain even at elevated temperatures over long periods of time.

In this webinar LyondellBasell’s experts, will show how PB-1 can make a difference for demanding applications, be it thanks to mechanical or thermal properties.

Detlef Schramm Presented By:
Detlef Schramm
Patrik Schneider
Werner Rothhöft

Length: 23 min

Why should you view this webinar?

This webinar will feature typical material properties of PB-1, specifically where it is similar to often used polymers such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), but more interestingly, where this material excels. PB-1 provides a unique combination of flexibility and pressure resistance together with excellent thermal properties.

Most importantly, you will also learn from project examples showcasing the use of PB-1 in typical pipe applications for a series of installations. Additionally, examples of other applications in hot-and-cold water distribution and heating will show how PB-1 can make a difference.

Who should view this webinar?

Manufacturers of piping systems, but also engineers, architects, planners, building contractors and installers.

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Detlef Schramm Marketing and Asset Manager for PE and PB-1 Pipe Europe - LyondellBasell

Detlef Schramm Throughout his career Detlef has held various positions in R&D and Technical Service for Polyethylene focusing on Geomembrane and Pipe applications. He is currently based in Rotterdam where he is responsible for Marketing and Asset Management for PE and PB-1 Pipe at LyondellBasell.

He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg.

Patrik Schneider ADTS Manager PE Specialties and PB-1 - LyondellBasell

Patrik Schneider After obtaining his PhD in Chemistry, Patrik started his career at BASF in 1998 as head of laboratory in the R&D department. In 2003 he joined Basell first in the PE product development segment and then moved to a series of management functions in the application development and technical service area.

He is currently heading the AD/TS department for PE specialties and PB-1, where apart from pipe applications he is responsible for the technical aspects of the healthcare, closures, wire & cable and PB-1 specialties businesses.

Werner Rothhöft Application Development & Technical Service Engineer - LyondellBasell

Werner Rothhöft Werner is an Application Development and Technical Support Engineer working in the Polyethylene Specialities & Polybutene-1 group at Basell Polyolefine GmbH a company of LyondellBasell.

He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Paderborn and graduated with a Dipl.-Ing.

His technical background includes 27 years in engineering resins, plastics conversion and plastics machinery.


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