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Attend this webinar to learn how molded-in color can be an efficient and viable technology and an alternative to painting plastic automotive parts. Painting plastic automotive parts is costly and adds complexity to the manufacturing process. Molded-in color (MIC) has long been an alternative to painting these parts.

Recent advances in MIC make this option ever more attractive for parts manufacturers. These advancements have prompted automotive engineers and designers to reconsider using molded-in color for polymer components as a viable alternative to paint. Molded-in color helps to hide scratches and can withstand the elements as well as or better than painted parts. The system cost savings can reach 30% or more.

In addition, MIC is an excellent option - and efficient manufacturing process - to consider when introducing new platforms to appeal to a broader customer base.

Evaline Cooijmans Presented By:
Evaline Cooijmans

Length: 60 min

Why should you view this webinar?

This webinar will help you understand why molded-in color is, more than ever before, a viable technical alternative to paint for coloration of thermoplastic applications.  Molded-in color parts have a longstanding and proven track record of delivering excellent performance.

However, until recently, certain components were not thought to be good candidates for molded-in color, primarily because molded-in color alone could not satisfy either the aesthetic or the performance requirements of the parts. But new color design technologies have the potential to break down this paradigm. 

System cost savings versus painting typically are 30% or greater.

Who should view this webinar?

  • Automotive engineers
  • Automotive designers
  • Anyone whose manufacturing involves painting of thermoplastics

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Evaline Cooijmans Global Industry Manager, Automotive - PolyOne Color & Additives

Evaline Cooijmans

Evaline Cooijmans has spent more than 25 years helping automotive OEMs and their supplier optimize their use of color and additives in thermoplastic parts. In her current role she regularly meets with OEMs and Tier suppliers to help experts at these companies optimize their manufacturing processes and improve the appearance and quality of their applications.

Evaline joined PolyOne in 1998 and has held positions of increasing responsibility in commercial and marketing positions.


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