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Discover Unique Thermoplastic UHMW-PE for Enhanced Durability and Sliding Property

Mitsui Chemicals
This is a Past Webinar

UHMW-PE is known as an engineering plastics with one of the highest strength and abrasion resistance, as well as sliding property represented as CoF, among all of the existing polymers. It is used in a variety of industries where the high durability is required, such as Lithium-ion battery separator, ballistic jackets, industrial gears and bearings, etc. However, the tradeoff was in the low process-ability; the high melt viscosity did not allow UHMW-PE to be molded under a normal thermoplastic molding process.

What if there are UHMW-PE that could be processed with existing injection and extrusion lines? Mitsui Chemicals offers you a unique product of UHMW-PE (trade name: Lubmer™) which enabled to be molded under normal condition of melt extrusion process. It is a pellet type product unlike any other powder type UHMW-PE, and is used in various applications where the sliding properties and high durability are needed. Also, the unique property of this pelletized product opened a new field of UHMW-PE to be used as a polymer modifier to enhance the durability and sliding property of other engineering plastics.

By joining Mitsui Chemical’s experts in this webinar, you will discover their latest R&D activities and how Lubmer™ can benefit your projects and lead to development of sustainability in various industries and applications.

Ryo Sawaguchi Presented By:
Ryo Sawaguchi

Length: 28 min

Why should you view this webinar?

In this webinar, you will learn...

  • Introduction of Specialty Products of Mitsui Chemicals UHMW-PE
  • Abrasion resistance and CoF comparison with other engineering plastics
  • Lubmer™ as an Engineering Plastic Modifier; replacement of PTFE
  • Latest Development of Lubmer™

Who should view this webinar?

  • Formulators
  • Marketing Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • R&D Managers
  • Technical Managers
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Ryo Sawaguchi Sales and Marketing Manager, TPX/Million Group, Performance Polymers Division - Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Ryo Sawaguchi Ryo Sawaguchi has over 12 years of experience at Mitsui Chemicals as a Sales and Marketing of Polyolefin Products. He started his career as a Sales Account Manager of Polyolefin Elastomer Product for 5 years, covering Asian region customer of Films and Packaging, Automotive and Industrial application. In the next 3 years he worked in NY office as a Sales and Development Manager for multiple products in North America region. Since then, he has been working as a Sales and Marketing Manager for UHMW-PE products, responsible for North America and EU region, as well as a Product Leader of Lubmer™ from Tokyo HQ.

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