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PP biocomposites, a high quality and green alternative for consumer-oriented markets

This is a Past Webinar
Cellulose reinforced polypropylene biocomposites, a high quality and green alternative for consumer-oriented markets
Stefan-Fors-UPM Presented By:
Stefan Fors

Length: 90 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Do you know that cellulose / PP biocomposites provide more than environmental benefits?

Discover the whole potential of these new materials illustrated in 3 case studies and see how to:
  • Reach excellent acoustic quality for loudspeakers
  • Produce cost-effective & eco-friendly furniture frames to replace WPC and laminates
  • Develop high quality consumer goods with smart and nice look and feel
  • And much more...

Who should view this webinar?

  • Acoustic
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Consumer goods
  • Household product
  • PP users
  • ABS users
  • Wood plastic composite users
  • Laminate users
  • Polymer converters
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • OEMs / Brand owners
  • Designers

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Stefan Fors Director, New Business Development - UPM

Stefan-Fors-UPM With over 25 years experience in cellulosic materials, Stefan Fors has served in various positions within UPM, including production manager and different director positions in Finland and China. In his current role as director of UPM ForMi, Stefan build new strategies to identify new business opportunities for UPM ForMi, their new cellulose fiber reinforced PP composite. Stefan is graduated from Abo Akademy University, Finland.


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