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Daikin fluoropolymer coatings
OPTOOL and OPTOACE are innovative hydrophobic and oleophobic ranges of coatings developed by Daikin. Suitable for a wide range of substrates they protect the coated surfaces against damages caused, amongst other, by moisture, corrosion attacks, fingerprints marks, abrasive wear etc. These fluoro based surface modification technologies are suitable for various applications from automotive, electronics PCB, touchscreen display or bathroom ware, etc.

Fluoro based surface modification technologies

How to protect materials efficiently?

From electronic devices to bathroom ware, the challenge of a producer is to design reliable materials with reduced maintenance. How to improve electronic products reliability or boost touch screen response? How to reduce dirty screen effect or maintain a transparent substrate clean of fingerprints?

To protect components from external aggression such as moisture, oil, dirt or corrosion a producer must select the adapted surface treatment or protective coating.

More than hydrophobic coatings

In terms of surface modification techniques, fluoro polymer have proven their efficiency for many years. Due to their low surface energy, Fluoro coated parts are indeed water repellent. It offers an interesting barrier to humidity, the number one cause of substantial damages.

To support OEMs and specifiers Daikin goes further and offers an innovative range of fluoro based surface modification technologies. More than hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, select the protection adapted to your need:
Maintain clean and smooth surfaces OPTOOL Protect electronic components OPTOACE
Anti-fingerprint / low dirt pick-up
Easy to clean
Hydrophobic and oleophobic
Reduced abrasive wear
Low kinetic coefficient for smooth surface
Low refractive index for best optical properties
Moisture proof / Water repellent
Conformal coating
Interior OR exterior grades
Ultra thin thickness
Reduced drying time
Rust protection
Electrical insulation OR electrical conductive coating
Reduced abrasive wear
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About Daikin

For more than 80 years, Daikin Industries has been involved in the research and production of fluorochemicals, and is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of fluorochemical products today. Daikin Industries' unique expertise is essential to a variety of industrial fields: with world-class technology, Daikin offers a wide range of high quality products with applications in automobiles, consumer cookware, wire and cable, textile and fabric treatment, paper and packaging, optics and displays, coatings and more.

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