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Perform to your best in the Plastics industry by getting access to "insider" knowledge. Courses will help you to better select your ingredients, solve your formulation issues and to be innovative! All our 90-min online trainings are developed by independent specialists who are all passionate about sharing their technical know-how and strong industry experience.

Francis Facon
2 Days left to register

Tuesday Oct 23, 2018

By Francis Facon

Introduce adhesive bonding early in your part design process to avoid part failure when working with composites for lightweight solutions! This New Course with expert, Francis Facon, will help you...

Andreas Tschech
3 Days left to register

Wednesday Oct 24, 2018

By Andreas Tschech

Ensure faster FDA approval for your new plastic product by decoding complex US Food Contact requirements (material selection, tests…) After reviewing latest FDA rules, Andreas Tschech will share...

Karl Lintner
4 Days left to register

Thursday Oct 25, 2018

By Karl Lintner

Showcase your actives better for successful claims with better selection & presentation of your cosmetic “actives” (peptides, resveratrol, hyaluronate...) amongst hundreds launched each year. Karl...

Mike Clingerman
5 Days left to register

Friday Oct 26, 2018

By Mike Clingerman

Troubleshoot UV|EB curing issues & tailor the curing speed of your UV coatings & Inks. Leading expert Mike Clingerman will detail how the combination of coatings raw materials, UV equipment and...

Paul Mastro
9 Days left to register

Tuesday Oct 30, 2018

By Paul Mastro

Maximize performance/cost ratio of your rigid PVC by overcoming challenges faced when changing additives or processing scale, owing to end use or regulation requirements (larger pipes, high temp...

Edward M. Petrie
10 Days left to register

Wednesday Oct 31, 2018

By Edward M. Petrie

Prevent early product failure related to vibration and customer dissatisfaction related to noise in your automotive parts, appliances, office equipment… by developing and using the right adhesives &...

Luis Roca
23 Days left to register

Tuesday Nov 13, 2018

By Luis Roca

Master the compounding process to meet new performance challenges and today’s consumers’ demands to get to profits sooner. Leading expert, Luis Roca will share global concepts & practical tips to...

Karl Lintner
24 Days left to register

Wednesday Nov 14, 2018

By Karl Lintner

Benefit from credible substantiated anti-pollution claims in your cosmetic products (skin-care, hair-care, toiletries, make-up…) by better understanding the scope of anti-pollution segment (incl...

Donald Rosato
25 Days left to register

Thursday Nov 15, 2018

By Donald Rosato

Save time with a synthetic & neutral overview of the latest developments in conductive plastics & ICPs (ESD / EMI protection, RFID tags...) and find-out new ideas for your future developments. Keep...

Rogier van Duin
26 Days left to register

Friday Nov 16, 2018

By Rogier van Duin

Accelerate your developments by reviewing how you can test simultaneously 4, 7, 11… variables with a limited number of trials for ingredient selection, interaction study, formulation...

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