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Latest State of Conductive Polymers & Additives Innovation

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Recorded on Feb 23, 2023

Identify where the true potential lies in the conductive polymers & additives landscape and how it opens up new opportunities for you to make better R&D decisions.

Get insights on latest innovations (material & application). In focus this year:
  • Engineered Carbons’ Printex XE2B super conductive blacks with superior EMI protection in electronic applications.
  • Graphene additive materials that enhance the mechanical strength, electrical conductivity, thermal properties, and barrier performance
  • Natural and synthetic graphites and specialty high-aspect-ratio Timrex C-Therm products can confer high levels of thermal conductivity to polymers.
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Donald Rosato Presented By:
Donald Rosato
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Innovation
Level: Advanced

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Why should you view this course?

Conductive polymers and additives are fast gaining popularity in the mass production, even in demanding industries like electronics, automotive, aerospace, and more. The electrically and thermally conductive plastics market is projected to maintain a CAGR of 9% and 14% annually.

What does it mean for you? An opportunity to find replacements for heavy metal & ceramic parts and leverage the additional benefits (design flexibility, lower costs, greater density, dimensional stability) of conductive polymers and additives.

Join this innovation course and find out how developments in the industry open-up opportunities for you.

  1. Save time with a structured overview of latest developments in conducting plastics & additives (graphene, carbon nanotubes (CNTs)...)

  2. Speed up your future R&D decisions with a clearer view on material requirements, technology adoption & unmet needs.

  3. Feed your creativity by seeing successful/promising innovations (thanks to low cost, light-weight, higher performance materials...) & know how they can be transposed to your own case.

Electrically conductive

Who should view this course?

R&D professionals, sales & marketing people, executive managers & all those needing to keep up on conductive polymers innovations - from raw material producers to designers.

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Course Outline

  1. The Conductive Polymers Overview
          • Global Conductive Polymers Market
          • Technical Market Drivers and Challenges

  2. Conductive Polymers Material Technology
          • Electrically Conductive Thermoplastics
          • Graphene Conductive Materials
          • Thermally Conductive Thermoplastics

  3. Conductive Polymers Application Development
          • Antistatic/ESD/EMI Protection
          • Electronic Devices
          • Industrial Application
          • Energy Harvesting and Storage

  4. The Future of Conductive Polymers

  5. Major Conductive Polymer Players & Related References

  6. 30 Mins - Ask your questions directly from the expert.

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Members Reviews

Very Good content! Learned about many of the different companies and what solutions they are offering in the conductive polymer space.

Michael Beaver , from Penn COlor

Good Insight into current market and key players.

Stefan Mark , from L. Brüggemann GmbH & Co KG

As my company works with graphene, it gave me more ideas of working with various forms of graphene.

William Royal , from Nanotech Energy

I learned new ways to get conductivity in polymers and new potential applications on a long term basis

Jean-Philippe J , from Nanocyl S.A

Good overview of the current commercial status of conductive polymers and good links to the main players.

Emma T. , from EnerSys

I was introduced to some suppliers I was unaware of. This could lead to some future work...

Benjamin N. , from Henkel

Covered very well all existing work in the area and novelties. We learned a lot and appreciated the exhaustive view.

Dimitri R. , from Total

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