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Maximize the Effect of Additives in Your Plastics

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Recorded on Jun 1, 2023

Reduce production cost of plastic! Use lesser additives and yet reach better properties (flame retardancy, UV protection, antistatic/antifogging, low weight/foaming)

Let expert Luis Roca help you to gain maximum benefits of additives without overdosing them. Get a better understanding of the additive performance failure and learn the best methods to overcome the compatibility issues with ease.

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Luis Roca Presented By:
Luis Roca

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Methodology
Level: Advanced

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Why should you view this course?

Are you going through all the processes with utmost care and calculations, yet your plastic is not delivering the desired property? Most of the formulators and masterbatch producers tend to add more additives to achieve the property. But this results in an increase in cost and compatibility issues.

The key to overcoming this challenge is to understand the cause of additive failure and incompatibility as well as how to get maximum gains with the additives used.

Join this course to:

  • Easily identify the key problems and causes of additive failure (selection, formula, degradation)
  • Save money by reaching better performance without increasing the additive dosage
  • Learn how to achieve compatibility of your additives with fillers, pigments etc. and find better alternatives
Maximize effect of additives

Who should view this course?

End users, plastic converters, and compounders Masterbatchers, formulators, R&D working with any material or any additive. 

Sectors covered but not limited to- flame retardancy, UV protection, antistatic/antifogging, low weight/foaming, antimicrobial, COF/ slip, transparency, migration/food compliancy etc.…. 

Materials covered but not limited to-  

  • Automotive industry: PP, PA, TPU, PVC 
  • Building and construction: PVC, PP 
  • Electric Electronic: PP, ABS, PC/ABS 
  • Packaging: PE, PET, PS, PP 

Course Outline

  1. Main causes and problems when additives are not working as expected
    • Additives selection
    • Appropriated formula
    • Possible degradations

  2. Mechanisms of action of plastic additives
    • How additives work: contact, release etc…
    • Permanent additives Vs migratory ones

  3. Identify the right additive incompatibilities
    • Chemical
    • Thermal
    • Rheological

  4. Effect of fillers and other additives
    • How fillers interact with additives
    • Synergic and antagonistic effect between additives

  5. Correct use of Masterbatches
    • Dilution
    • Chemical compatibility
    • Let down ratio

  6. Additives in the value chain
    • Mixing and incorporation of additives in final processing

  7. Failure analysis and testing
    • Cause effect of failure
    • Properties affected
    • Appropriate testing for problem solving

  8. 30 mins Q&A - Ask your question directly to our expert
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