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Key Areas of Applications of Polypropylene

Polypropylene is widely used in various applications. It offers good chemical resistance and weldability. Today, it is at the point of junction between cheap commodity plastics and more or less performing engineering plastics.

Some of the popular applications showcasing PP versatility are listed below.


Key Applications

  1. Packaging Industry: Good barrier properties, high strength, good surface finish and low cost make Polypropylene ideal for several packaging applications. They perform well in blow molded and sheet thermoformed products for food, personal care, health, medical and labware, household chemicals and beauty aid products.

    • Flexible Packaging: PP films’ excellent optical clarity and low moisture-vapor transmission make it suitable for use in food packaging. Other markets shrink-film overwrap, electronic industry films, graphic arts, disposable diaper tabs and closures, etc. PP grades are used to produce oriented, bi-oriented and cast films and foils.
    • Rigid Packaging: PP is blow molded to produce crates, bottles, and pots. PP thin-walled containers are commonly used for food packaging.

  2. Consumer Goods: PP is used in several household products and consumer goods applications including translucent parts, housewares, furniture, appliances, luggage, toys etc.

  3. Automotive Industy: Due to its low cost, outstanding mechanical properties and moldability, PP is widely used in automotive parts. Used in battery cases and trays, bumpers, fender liners, interior trim, instrumental panels and door trims. Other key features of PP include low coefficient of linear thermal expansion and specific gravity, high chemical resistance and good weatherability, processability and impact/stiffness balance.

  4. Fibers and Fabrics: A large volume of PP utilized in the market segment known as fibers and fabrics. PP fiber is used in raffia/slit-film, tape, strapping, bulk continuous filament, staple fibers, spun bond and continuous filament. PP rope and twine are very strong and moisture resistant that are suitable for marine uses.

  5. Medical Industry: PP is used in various medical applications due to high chemical and bacterial resistance. Also, the medical grade PP exhibits good resistance to steam sterilization. Disposable syringes is the most common medical application of PP. Other uses include medical vials, diagnostic devices, petri dishes, intravenous bottles, specimen bottles, food trays, pans, pill containers, etc.

  6. Industrial Uses: PP sheets are widely used in industrial sector to produce acid and chemical tanks, sheets, pipes, Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP), etc. because of its properties like high tensile strength, resistance to high temperatures and corrosion resistance.

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2 Comments on "The Definitive Guide to Polypropylene (PP)"
Radan P Jan 22, 2024
I think that formula for propen at the beginning is incorrectly written - C3H6 is OK but there is structure for C4H6 that is not OK.
Ahmed A Nov 5, 2023
Thanks, valuable information

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