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'Green' Packaging for Electronic Components: Transparent Antistatic Masterbatch for PLA

SpecialChem / Jun 27, 2008

Even electronic components can be attractively packaged in compostable plastic - at least they can if Sukano's transparent antistatic PLA (polylactic acid) masterbatch is used. The highly transparent materials compare well, both technically and economically, with conventional alternatives, and have the added advantage of being biodegradable. And to be sure that the product in the pack is not only presented in an environmentally friendly and attractive way, but also securely protected, Sukano calls once again on its experienced research team: SUKANO® PLA as S546 transparent antstatic masterbatch significantly reduces the surface electrical resistance and so prevents the build-up of a static charge on film, sheet and injection-moulded parts. On PLA film extruded in the Sukano test laboratory using 4 to 6% (monofilm) and also 5 to 7% (outer layer of laminated film) of SUKANO PLA as S546 and 2% SUKANO PLA dc S511 slip/antiblock masterbatch, a surface resistance of 1011 ohms was measured and any electrostatic charge was dissipated after a few seconds.

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