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How to Reduce PP Cycle Time (+ Avoid Shrinkage & Warpage)

Dr Philip Jacoby

By Dr Philip Jacoby

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During PP processing, the hold time is the longest part of the cycle and a common way to approach cycle time reduction is to reduce the temperature of the mold. But this often goes hand in hand with warpage & shrinkage.

Watch this tutorial and let our specialist Philip Jacoby share his practical know-how to reduce cycle time by well using nucleating agents. You will improve the productivity of injection molded polypropylene and avoid common defects such as warpage and shrinkage!

Author : Dr Philip Jacoby

Dr Philip Jacoby

Dr. Phil Jacoby: President of Jacoby polymer consulting

Phil Jacoby received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin. From 1975 – 2002 he worked for the Amoco Chemical company and BP Amoco as a Senior Research Associate in Polypropylene Product Development and R&D. At BP Amoco Dr. Jacoby helped to develop new polypropylene resin formulations for rigid packaging, film, and automotive applications. Dr. Jacoby holds 13 US patents and several international patents covering various polypropylene products, with particular emphasis on modifying the crystal structure of polypropylene. After leaving BP Amoco he joined Mayzo Corporation as Vice President of Technology. At Mayzo Dr. Jacoby created a new business based on the use of Beta Nucleating agents in polypropylene. The beta nucleant mastebatches that Dr. Jacoby developed are used today in the production of microporous oriented PP films, thermoformed PP parts, and various other extruded and injection molded applications. Dr. Jacoby is a past president of the Southern Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), and a former board member of the Thermoforming Division of the SPE. After retiring from Mayzo in March, 2014 Dr. Jacoby started a consulting business (www.jacobypolymer.com) concentrating on Polypropylene, with particular emphasis on New Product Development, Problem Solving, and training & development courses.

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