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The material selection platform
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How to Overcome Solubility & Compatibility Issues Faster with Hansen Parameters

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Trial and error is widely used when looking for compatible components in a formulation (example: replacing a solvent), but this takes a lot of time and energy. By embracing science based tools like the Hansen Solubility Parameters, it is easy to take control over your solubility and compatibility issues.

Watch this free video tutorial and get started with Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP)! HSP allows you to calculate how like or unlike two components might be. You can then contrast and compare, rank your options etc.

Author : Steven Abbott

Prof. Steven Abbott, Director of Steven Abbott TCNF Ltd. focussing on Technical software, Coating/Printing, Nano-expertise and Formulation, has been named as fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. His research and product development focus on polymer-based thin-layers, coatings and adhesion.

He is passionate about getting products right through development and production to real sales and using technical software to transform theory into hands-on tools for exploring "what ifs" when the various complex parameters change.

AbbottApps now cover PracticalAdhesion, PracticalSurfactants, PracticalFoam, PracticalSolubility, lots of web handling and, well, lots of other things. All Apps are free and run on all platforms. He uses his complex mixture of past skills to help solve new problems.

Specialties: Chemistry formulations, technical software development, nanostructures by the kilometre, Hansen Solubility Parameters, Organic Photovoltaics, Skin permeation

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