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Braskem and Colormaq Launch Post-consumer Resin-based Washers

Published on 2019-09-26. Author : SpecialChem

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washer-pcr-resin Braskem and Colormaq are launching a line of semi-automatic and automatic washers with unique components made from post-consumer resin (PCR). These are the first Brazilian appliances to be made with this material.

Virgin Plastic Like Quality and Efficiency

Committed to the plastic cycle, Braskem and Colormaq have developed, in close partnership, an alternative to various washer components using post-consumer resin. The parts were produced by the injection process and maintain the same quality and efficiency as those using virgin plastic as raw material.

"This is exactly what Braskem seeks with the position we announced last year in favor of the Circular Economy . Recycled plastic returning to the transformation chain and later to the consumer, as a new product, represents our commitment to support the chain in the effective implementation of circular economy", explains Fabiana Quiroga, responsible for Circular Economy and Recycling at Braskem.

Reducing the Possible Environmental Impacts

There are several models of washer, with capacity between 4.5 and 16kg, which have different design, with a lot of technology, innovation and efficiency of washing. In addition to the components made from Braskem's post-consumer resin, the other Colormaq appliance parts are assembled with elements that are 100% recyclable.

Colormarq's R&D area always seeks to balance the best consumer products in their projects, integrating sustainable awareness into their models. "The partnership between Colormaq and Braskem reinforces the commitment to deliver quality products to the consumer, reducing the possible environmental impacts. We are very pleased with the project outcome and expanding the frontiers with new possibilities for conscious consumption," says Jean Belmonte, Director, Colormaq Executive.

Source: Braskem
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