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Evonik Introduces New Brand Name for Ready-to-Use 3DP Material

Published on 2020-10-05. Edited By : SpecialChem

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3dp-portfolio-brandname Evonik is marshaling its product range of its ready-to-use 3D-printing materials under a new brand name, INFINAM®, that stands for custom-designed high-performance materials allowing infinite 3D applications.

New Brand Sets New Quality Standards

In the future, all Evonik’s ready-to-use materials for 3D printing, regardless of delivery form or technological application, will be marketed under the INFINAM® product name. In the full name the brand will be suffixed by the relevant class of polymer or material to ensure clear distinction within the existing material landscape. For example:
  • All products based on thermoplastic copolyesters will be branded INFINAM® TPC,
  • All products based on polyether ether ketones will be branded INFINAM® PEEK,
  • All products based on thermoplastic amides will be branded INFINAM® TPA,
  • All durable and impact-resistant photopolymers will be branded INFINAM® TI

Clear Orientation Within the Product Landscape

“INFINAM® gives our customers and partners clear orientation within our product landscape for additive manufacturing. Along with our key visual and our promise (“Infinity meets reality”) of opening up infinite 3D applications with Evonik materials, the new product brand plays an essential role as the final element in our unique market identity,” says Thomas Große-Puppendahl, head of the Additive Manufacturing innovation growth field at Evonik.

The market launch of INFINAM® accompanies Evonik’s materials campaign started last year. In the coming months, the specialty chemicals group will introduce the first ready-to-use photopolymers for additive manufacturing, thus setting additional standards in material quality and performance in 3D printing. Also planned is the expansion of our own technical service expertise, as is exemplified by the recently opened Center for Structured Polymers Technology in Austin, Texas (USA).

No Name Change for Biomedical Materials

Evonik offers the most extensive portfolio in the sector of 3D printable biomedical materials for medical technology. For plastic implants the portfolio includes, in addition to VESTAKEEP® i4 3DF PEEK filament for permanent body contact, also the RESOMER® product line with bioresorbable filaments, powders, and granules.

These specialty materials are subject to strict standard specifications for polymers in medical applications that apply to the respective brands mentioned above. For this reason, these products have been excluded from transfer to the INFINAM® product family and will continue to be marketed under the VESTAKEEP® and RESOMER® brands.

Source: Evonik
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