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Trinseo Completes Heathland’s Acquisition to Advance Plastics Circularity

Published on 2022-01-05. Edited By : SpecialChem

acquisition-1 Trinseo completes the acquisition of Heathland, a collector and recycler of post-consumer (PCR, EoL) and post-industrial (PIR) plastic wastes in Europe.

As a plastic waste collector and recycler based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Heathland is focused on converting PCR and PIR polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polystyrene (PS) and other thermoplastic waste.

Converting Waste into Recycled Raw Materials

The company collects, pre-treats and processes plastic waste materials using mechanical and chemical recycling processes, and captures the materials’ maximum value by transforming them into high quality recycled raw materials for a wide range of high-end applications. Heathland is well established in Europe with several notable projects, including MMAtwo and REVOLUTION, which are funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission.

Today is another exciting milestone in Trinseo’s transformation journey in becoming a global specialty materials and sustainable solutions provider. The addition of Heathland to the Trinseo family enables the group to have access to comprehensive recycling technologies and plastic wastes as feedstock,” Francesca Reverberi, SVP and Chief Sustainability Officer of Trinseo commented. “The shared sustainability vision of both companies has now become one. We will continue to invest in the movement toward a circular economy.”

The acquisition is aligned with Trinseo’s 2030 Sustainability Goals, which outline the Company’s focus on tackling climate change, embedding sustainability in its product portfolio, promoting supplier and operational stewardship, and embodying responsibility as an employer.

Source: Trinseo

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