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Braskem Launches High Visibility PP Filaments for Safety and Construction Applications

Published on 2021-11-01. Edited By : SpecialChem

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braskem-higly-visible-filaments Braskem launches its new high visibility polypropylene (PP) filaments (FL105PP), the latest additions to Braskem's 3D product portfolio. Braskem's new high visibility PP filaments are available in neon yellow and neon pink, making them ideal for safety and construction applications. Braskem is one of the first companies to introduce neon colored PP filament for safety and construction.

Same Performance in Highly Visible Color

These products build on the successful roll-out of Braskem's traditional PP filaments including all the same great material benefits such as lightweight, water and chemical resistance, as well as impact resistance, but now all in a highly visible color. In addition to these new high visibility colors, Braskem also launched new polypropylene filaments (FL105PP) in black and green.

"As one of the world's largest producers of polyolefins, we are proud to announce this latest evolution of our 3D printing product portfolio with new high visibility polypropylene (PP) filaments. If you are a start-up, university, equipment manufacturer, converter, compounder, or brand owner, Braskem has innovative solutions to fit your 3D printing and additive manufacturing needs," commented Fabio Lamon, Global Additive Manufacturing Technology Manager, Braskem.

For High-performing Spare Parts

Braskem filaments are designed with the end user in mind; they are a great choice for making molds, jigs, and fixtures, prototyping, testing performance improvements for light weighting, optimizing geometries, and designing spare parts. Braskem 3D printing filaments are available in both 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameters to fit a wide range of printer applications.

"What makes this extra special is when we partner with our clients, we are able to deliver products that best address their specific needs and specifications. After the successful launch of our FL105PP 3D printing filament, clients began reaching out to see if our PP filaments could be made available in brighter colors. Working closely with our distribution partners, and with input from our clients, we were able to deliver our high visibility 3D printing product line in near record time," concluded Lamon.

Braskem's Complete Polypropylene Product Range

Source: Braskem


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