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KRAIBURG TPE Offers Colored TPE Product Range for Medical Applications

Published on 2022-06-01. Edited By : SpecialChem

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KRAIBURG Colored TPE KRAIBURG TPE announces a wide range of TPE products and custom solutions for a variety of industries.

Choose From a Variety of Colors

The company provides TPE materials with an array of color options that can be widely used in medical devices such as nebulizers, glucose meters, forehead thermometers, blood pressure monitors.

Additionally, it can be used in electrical device parts such as connectors, mouthpieces, valves, and buttons. They are also used in pharmaceutical packaging such as lid closures, valves, seals and gaskets, and other similar parts.

KRAIBURG TPE  prioritizes customer needs for quality, safety, and reliability by providing colorable TPEs to enhance the devices’ appearance and design. These include smart wearable products to home care medical devices like health-oriented smart watches, wireless glucometers, and wireless blood pressure testers.

KRAIBURG TPE’s in-house coloring team can provide the precise shade of colors and quickly distribute color samples with exceptional delivery times for colored compounds and tested for worldwide-consistent color quality.

THERMOLAST® M – Multiple Properties to Choose From

KRAIBURG TPE’s medical grade THERMOLAST® M series is available in translucent, transparent, and natural colors, along with high transparency and precoloring options. The compounds are VDI 2017 and ISO 10993-5 compliant, and they are also listed in the Drug Master File.

The selective TPE series had excellent resealing properties and compression set, as well as low friction and high elasticity. It exhibits good adhesion with polyolefins (PP, PE, COC, COP) and technical thermoplastics like ABS, PC, PET-G, and polyamides through a multi-component injection molding process.

In addition, KRAIBURG TPE's Medical Service Package guarantees optimum raw material purity and solid 24-month supply security. This compound series also assures optimum safety with excellent control management.

THERMOLAST® H: Specific for Asia Pacific healthcare market

KRAIBURG TPE’s THERMOLAST® H HC/AP and HC/RS/AP series compounds are available in translucent color and in-house precoloring is also possible; subject to specific project requirements. The resealing series, which was recently launched specifically for Asia Pacific healthcare and medical applications, complies with international standards such as ISO10993-5 and GB/T 16886.5 (cytotoxicity), and worldwide food contact and medical standards such as China GB 4806 – 2016, US FDA CFR 21, Regulation (EU) No 10/2011, REACH, and RoHS.

Its resealing performance is tested according to DIN ISO 15759. Other features include a wide range of hardness, durability, flexibility, sterilizability in an autoclave at 121°C or with ETO (gas), and the absence of silicone, latex, PVC, and phthalates.

Sustainability All-around

Besides the materials for medical applications, KRAIBURG TPE’s recent sustainability innovations include a specially developed material solution for automotive, consumer, and industry applications comprising post-consumer recycled (PCR) and post-industrial recycled (PIR) content.

Explore KRAIBURG'S Complete THERMOLAST® Product Range


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