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Lotte Chemical Develops Translucent PP Compounds for Automotive Industry

Published on 2024-03-28. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Lotte Chemical Develops Translucent PP Compounds for Automotive Industry Lotte Chemical has developed an innovative translucent PP compound solution that would change the automotive design paradigm. The developed product has high light transmittance and low haze characteristics that could not be achieved with conventional PP compound products. It is expected to provide smart integrated design solutions in the automobile industry moving toward EV and autonomous driving.

Provides Aesthetic Visual Effects by Implementing Lighting and Sensors

In particular, it offers new possibilities in terms of exterior system design of bumpers and grills. Translucent solutions would provide aesthetic visual effects by implementing hidden lighting and sensors. In addition, the integrated design structure that eliminates component boundaries would reduce air resistance, enabling carbon reduction with its improved fuel efficiency.

The exterior panel implemented with this translucent PP compound solution can be used as a canvas for communication that enhances autonomous driving functions. This gives it the role of a diverse communication panel among drivers and between the driver and the external environment.

The compounding technology has been used to supplement the lack of stiffness and durability, and can be structurally supplemented in component design. Since it is difficult to apply PC materials that can implement transmission performance to bumpers due to pedestrian collision safety, the use of translucent PP is expected to increase.

Lotte Chemical said, “Through this developed product, automobile manufactures will be able to see further differentiated possibilities in terms of vehicle design and functionality, and we plan to expand translucent differentiated solutions to the materials for interior trim as well as automobile exterior panels.

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Source: Lotte Chemical


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